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200mm Murray Cod colour Swimbait

This Large jointed swimbait measures 200mm in length and weighs 147g. 

Constructed with a number of subtle yet innovative features. This lure is built with a swivelling line tie and swivelling hook hangers, which reduce line twist and limit a fish's ability to use the lure as leverage during a fight. At the chin it features an extra hanger that allows anglers to fine tune the sink rate with the addition of extra weight. 

Its pectoral fins allow this lure to dive to around 1m with a smooth S shaped action. This lure can be jerked on slack line to turn this bait 180 Degrees to mimic a wounder bait fish.

Any angler looking to up their game on the larger predatory fish should look n o further than this 200mm bait when fishing for lake and impoundment Murray cod and Barramundi.

Slow sinking

Length: 200mm / 8''

Weight: 147g / 5.15oz

Hooks: BKK Raptor Z 2/0 front, 1/0 rear.

Split rings: BKK #7

Heavy duty components ready to fish straight out of the box, no need to upgrade hooks and rings like many other brands.

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