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Bull 130 Wake

Bull 130 Wake is a  3 piece wakebait designed to catch large predatory fish in both fresh and salt water such as: 
Murray Cod, Golden perch, Barramundi and Flathead.
Colors: White, Green, Perch, Purple and Gold.
This lure is a subsurface wakebait that dives down just below the surface. Great for shallow banks and small streams. It has a wide wobble action to create plenty of commotion just below the surface of the water to attract predators. 
Fitted with the best components money can buy to ensure that fish of a lifetime doesn't get away.

Type: Swimbait

Length: 130mm
Weight: 53g
Depth: 0.1-0.5m 
Components:  #1 BKK Raptor Z front and #2 rear treble 
                        Heavy Duty BKK Split rings 
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