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3 x 200mm Swimbaits

3 x 200mm swimbait designed to catch large predatory fish in both fresh and salt water such as: 
Murray Cod, Golden perch, Barramundi and Flathead.
Colours: Murray Cod, Perch and Carp

This lure is slow sinking and can be fished at any depth. Simply add weights to the split rings to achieve a faster sink rate for fishing deeper water.

Fitted with the best components money can buy to ensure that fish of a lifetime doesn't get away.

Type: Swimbait
Length: 200mm
Weight: 147g
Depth: Slow Sink

Components: Swivelling BKK Raptor Z front and rear treble 
                        Heavy Duty BKK Split rings 

Other colours available, check out our other listings.

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